About Amy


Owner, Designer & Creator 

LittleGreenRoom Jewelry

I began creating jewelry about 24 years ago. I loved stringing beads and stone into beautiful pieces of jewelry to wear and give to friends but soon found that I was wanting to evolve into something more. About 10 years ago I saw and ad for a metal smithing class and the moment that I sat down in that class my whole world changed. Holding, cutting, torching metal, was thrilling. I was hooked from the first day of class and have been on an creative journey ever since. 

LittleGreenRoom is my workshop where the magic happens. Its where I loose time and go into a metal making, creative trance, you might say! Its quite addicting! 

I live in the California mountains. I love and am so inspired by nature and my surroundings. Many inspirations for my designs over the years have been inspired from mother nature, shape, and color.

I have been online selling jewelry since 2009. It has been an amazing journey and I have met a lot of wonderful friends along the way. One of the most exciting things for me is the opportunity to sell and send my jewelry all over the world. 

My style has been described as modern or quirky, sometimes rustic too. I like different styles of jewelry and am always trying new things. I'm definitely an out of the box thinker and like things that are unique and handmade. Why look like everyone else right?

I'm on this wonderful creative journey...I don't quite know where I'm going but I cant wait to get there. Thanks for being part of my story.





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