Hi Friends!


LittleGreenRoom Jewelry came to life in 2009 as my love for creating jewelry merged with the world of metal smithing. I quickly realized that I love using a torch and cutting fine metals by hand after my very first class. So many doors opened for me creatively as I started on this journey of metal smithing. 

I am located in the California mountains where my inspiration is found everyday surrounded by the beautiful scenery that I love. My studio is a little green room in my home that has become a place where I spend most of my day creating and doing what I love. 

I have been two times published in Australian Beading Magazine, featured on Brides.com, and featured on our local news station. I have met and made many wonderful friendships that will last a life time through creating and sharing. 

My jewelry has been shipped all around the world and I put heart and soul into every piece of jewelry that I create. The excitement that I hear from my customers who find a piece of jewelry that they love, keeps me forever creating. 

My style has been described as modern or quirky, and sometimes rustic. I like different styles of jewelry and am always trying new things. I'm definitely an out of the box thinker and like things that are unique and handmade. Why look like everyone else right?

I'm on this wonderful creative journey...I don't quite know where I'm going but I cant wait to get there. Thanks for being part of my story.


Owner, Designer & Published Creator 







Behind the Scenes

So many things happen behind the scenes that most don't get to see. While I am the sole metal smith behind my business I am lucky enough to say that I have help with shipping and packaging occasionally. I am so thankful for the friends and family who have been apart of my story. The shenanigans have been so much fun!

My Happy Place

My LittleGreenRoom studio is where the magic happens. This is where I spend my days creating custom jewelry for my awesome customers. Every piece of jewelry tells a story and Im so happy that I get to be apart of creating smiles and memories for my customers.