Boho Mandala Bracelet - Copper Cuff- Brass Cuff Bracelet- Set Of 2 Bracelets

This Listing is for a set of 2 Boho Mandala Bracelets - 1 Copper Cuff- 1 Brass Cuff Bracelet- 

This super cute beach ready set of two Boho mandala bracelets are a must have for summer! New and Exclusive LittleGreenRoom Jewelry cuffs that are part of my 2017 jewelry collection!

You will receive 1 copper 1/8" dot hammered cuff and 1 brass 1/4"  Boho mandala hammered cuff with this order! 

These cuffs are adjustable and will fit a wrist size of 6 1/2- 7 3/4. 

Your new set of cuff bracelets will come to you in a gift box with a ribbon too! Perfect for gift giving!

Thanks for stopping by and shopping with us!


Information and Questions about Metals**

1. Are these Bracelets Plated? No, they are created from pure raw metal which is gorgeous.
2. Will these tarnish? Yes, all sterling silver, brass, and copper darken to a beautiful patina over time but they can be kept exactly like the finish in the photo with a polishing cloth that will be included with your order. A simple quick wipe and walla... gorgeous!
3. Can these bracelets turn my wrist green? They can but (ONLY) if you are someone who has a highly allergic/acidic chemistry that reacts to raw metals. A simple tip: If you are someone who has this problem you can simply coat the inside of any piece of jewelry that comes in contact with your skin with clear nail will act as a barrier and keep this from happening.


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